Policies & Procedures

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1.         ADMINISTRATION OF POLICIES (click for online preview)
101.001    General Responsibilities for Administration of Personnel Programs
102.001    General Definitions
103.001    Acceptable Usage of Information Technology Resources
                 (1 attachment) (rev. 4  02/13/23)
104.001    Electronic Signatures/Electronic Records (Superseded and replaced by Administrative Directive No. 16-01, 2/11/16, “eSign (Electronic Signature) Technology“)

2.         CLASSIFICATION AND COMPENSATION (click for online preview)
200.001    Position Classification and Compensation System
200.002    Basic Policies and Practices in Position Classification
200.003    Effective Dates of Classification Actions (rev. 10/27/03)
200.004    Establishment of Minimum Qualifications Requirements (3 attachments)
                 (Attch. A-1, Attch. A, & Attch. B)
200.005    Establishment of Selective Certification Requirements (7 attachments)
                 (rev. 4/2/19) (Attch. A, Attch. B, Attch. C, Attch. D, Attch. E, Attch. F, & Attch. G)
200.006    Position Classification Delegation of Authority to Departments  (2 attachments) (rev. 10/11/16
                 (Attch. A & Attch. B)
200.007    Temporary Reallocation of Civil Service Positions
200.008    Administrative Review of Classification Actions (1 attachment) (rev. 3/30/07)
201.001    EMCP Performance Evaluation and Variable Pay
201.002    Hiring Rates (rev. 10/5/20)
201.003    Shortage Category for Civil Service Positions and Employees (rev. 10/24/11)
201.004    Recruitment Incentives for Civil Service Positions (1 attachment) (rev. 10/27/03)
201.005    Administrative Review of Initial Pricing of Civil Service Classes
                 (1 attachment(rev. 10/27/03)
201.006    Performance Incentives (2 attachments) (rev. 1/13/20)
                 (Attch. 1 & Attch. 2)
201.007    Periodic Repricing Review
201.008    Recruitment and Appointment Above the Minimum Pay Rate (1 attachment) (rev. 2/1/19)
201.009    Flexible Hiring Rates – BU 3, 4 and 13 (1 attachment) (rev. 7/01/23)
                 (Attch. 1 Excel Version) (rev. 7/01/23)

201.010    Compensation Program for Excluded Managerial Compensation Plan Employees
                 (Attch. A, Attch. B/Salary Matrix, Attach. C/Professional Growth, Attach. D/Retention, & Attach. E/Internal Alignment)

3.         STAFFING  (click for online preview)
300.001    Types of Appointments (4 attachments) (rev. 03/01/21)
                 (Attch. A, Attch. B, Attch. C, & Attch. D)
300.003    Competitive Recruitment for Civil Service Positions (rev. 9/28/16)
300.004    Employment of Persons with Significant Disabilities for Selective
State Employment (4 attachments)
                 (Attch. A, Attch. B, Attch. C, & Attch. D)
301.001    Certification of Eligibles for Civil Service Positions (rev. 10/27/03)
301.003    Pre-Employment Procedures for Processing Employees Who Require
Unescorted Access to Airport Security Identification Display Areas (SIDAs)
                 (3 attachments) (Attch. A, Attch. B, & Attch. C)

301.005   Medical, Physical and Mental health Requirements for Employment

301.006     New Probation Period (rev. 10/27/03)

301.007   Suitability Investigations

4.         TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT (click for online preview)
400.001    Employee Training and Development (2 attachments) (rev. 02/24/20)
                 (Attch. A & Attch. B)
401.001    Student Intern Program (4 attachments) (Attch. 1, Attch. 2, Attch. 3, & Attch. 4)

5.         EMPLOYEE RELATIONS AND BENEFITS (click for online preview)
501.002    Department-Directed Leave (1 attachment) (rev. 05/29/15)
501.004    Parent-Teacher Conference Leave (1 attachment) (rev. 04/13/12)
501.005    Disaster Relief Leave (1 attachment)
501.006    Victims Protections (2 forms) (rev. 02/06/12) (Form VP-1 & Form VP-2)
502.005    Flexible Working Hours
502.006    Resource for Employee Assistance and Counseling Help (REACH) Program
                 (rev. 04/16/12)

6.         EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (click for online preview)
601.001    Discrimination/Harassment-Free Workplace Policy (rev. 11/16/16) (Attch. A & Attch. B)
601.002    Reasonable Accommodations for Employees and Applicants with Disabilities
                 (Attch. A) (rev. 11/4/15)

7.         PERSONNEL INFORMATION, RECORDS & REPORTING (click for online preview)
700.001    Pay Administration
701.001    Official Personnel Folders (5 attachments)
                 (Attch. 1, Attch. 2, Attch. 3Attch. 4, & Attch. 5)
701.002    Employment-Related Personnel Files (2 attachments) (Attch. 1 & Attch. 2)
702.001    Temporary Inter- and Intra-Governmental Assignments and Exchanges
                 (1 attachment) (rev. 8/17/11)
702.003    Separation From Service (rev. 8/15/16)

8.         HEALTH AND SAFETY (click for online preview)
800.002   Workplace Violence Program (6 attachments) (rev. 02/15/12)
                 (Attch. AAttch. B, Attch. C, Form 416Form 417, & Workplace Violence Action Plan)

801.001   Worksite Wellness

9.         WORKERS’ COMPENSATION AND TEMPORARY DISABILITY (click for online preview)
900.001    Supervisor’s Accident Report Form (2 attachments) (Attch. A & Attch. B)
902.001    Return to Work Priority Program (10 attachments) (rev. 10/27/03)
                 (Attch. A, Attch. B-1, Attch. B-2, Attch. C, Attch. D, Attch. E, Attch. F,
 Attch. G-1, Attch. G-2, & Attch. G-3)

10.       EXEMPT AND APPOINTED EMPLOYEES (click for online preview)
1000.001   Exempt Service (2 attachments) (Attch. A & Attch. B(rev. 8/15/16)
1000.002   Appointment of Exempt Employees to Replacement Civil Service Positions
(rev. 11/30/11)
1000.004    Medical, Physical, and Medical Health Requirements for Exempt Employees (Superseded and replaced by Policy No. 301.005, rev. 08/14/14, “Medical, Physical and Mental Health Requirements for Employment“)


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The State of Hawai‘i Human Resources System Policies & Procedures are promulgated by the Department of Human Resources Development, as authorized by the Hawai‘i Revised Statutes. Policies and Procedures may be revised from time to time. A revised policy or procedure shall supersede any previous policy or procedure on the same subject matter. Individual departments may issue internal policies and procedures, to the extent they do not supersede or negate those issued by the Department of Human Resources Development.

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