3.         STAFFING
300.001    Types of Appointments
(3 attachments) (rev. 04/05/04)

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300.001 – Attachment A — Request for 89-day Non-Civil Service Appointment Approval, HRD Form397

Download (PDF, 36KB)

300.001 – Attachment B — Request for Non-Civil Service Temporary Appointment Outside the List Approval, HRD Form397a

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300.001 – Attachment C — HRD Form 315/Temporary Appointment Outside List

Download (PDF, 444KB)

300.003    Competitive Recruitment for Civil Service Positions (rev. 10/27/03)

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300.004    Employment of Persons with Significant Disabilities for Selective State Employment (4 attachments)

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300.004 – Attachment A — HRD-1/Position Action Form

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300.004 – Attachment B — Certification of Significantly Disabled Individual for Selective State Employment Program Eligibility

Download (PDF, 28KB)

300.004 – Attachment C — Certification of Selective Placement of a Disabled Individual

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300.004 – Attachment D — Process Flow Chart

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300.005    Placement of Disabled Civil Service Employees with Environmental Non-Work Related Injuries or Illness (rev. 10/27/03)

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301.001    Certification of Eligibles for Civil Service Positions (rev. 10/27/03)

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301.003    Pre-Employment Procedures for Processing Employees Who Require Unescorted Access to Airport Security Identification Display Areas (SIDAs) (3 attachments)

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301.003 – Attachment A — Fingerprinting Application Form

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301.003 – Attachment B — Airport Security Unescorted Access Badge Fingerprint Application Form

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301.003 – Attachment C — Contact Persons by Island

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301.006    New Probation Period (rev. 10/27/03)

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