The State of Hawaiʻi has been approved as an industry partner with the U.S. DOD SkillBridge Program. Each year approximately 10,000 members of the U.S. Armed Forces will leave active duty from a Hawaiʻi duty station.

This program is a unique collaboration between participating state agencies and military service members beginning their transition to re-enter civilian life and the workforce. State supervisors will provide hands-on work experience and training to the service member who continues to receive compensation and benefits from their active duty position, resulting in no cost to the state.

As a state participant, the agency will contribute by providing a platform for the service member to demonstrate their relevant skills and education while acquiring work experience specific to the State of Hawaiʻi, and your department and programs. During their term, the mentoring supervisor will introduce the service member to state government processes, procedures, job duties, and responsibilities of a state employee. Having a service member participant also allows your program to build on your existing resources.

As a SkillBridge participant, the service member receives hands-on experience in a state government career, receiving training on daily tasks expected of a state worker. With the combination of the hands-on training received through this program and the knowledge and experience of their military service, the service member participant will have the tools to help them on their journey as a civilian job seeker.

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