Application and Screening Process

1. Service members interested in applying to a State of Hawaiʻi Executive Branch opportunity on the SkillBridge website must submit the required documents below to the State SkillBridge Program Coordinator for review. This review will include, but is not limited to, the screening of the minimum qualification requirements (MQRs), and the field grade commander’s approval in the form of a signed letter for participation in the SkillBridge program.

a. Cover Letter;
b. Participation Approval Letter signed by their command (O4+); and
c. The State’s SkillBridge Application Packet

2. Once the documents listed above are submitted to the State SkillBridge Program Coordinator, a review of the service member’s education and/or experience will be conducted by the Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD)/Employee Staffing Division (ESD) to ensure the service member meets the position’s MQRs.

3. If additional information is needed to determine the service member’s qualifications, the Program Coordinator shall contact the service member to request the necessary information or documentation.

4. After rendering a decision on the service member’s application, the Program Coordinator shall notify the applicant of the outcome.

Questions can be submitted to the State SkillBridge Coordinator at [email protected] or (808) 587-1152.

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