IT Broadbanding Pilot Project

Executive Summary

The Civil Service Information Technology (IT) Broadbanding Pilot Project will transition the State from a traditional position classification system to a system of “broadbanding”. All IT positions will be assigned to a single IT Career Group and in turn to one of four broadband levels: entry/independent worker, journeyworker/subject matter expert, supervisor, or excluded manager.

Broadbanding is intended to be more responsive to the operational needs of line departments, simplify the process for classification of positions, and create a more flexible system that allows for the recognition and compensation of employees for professional growth and development. In addition to the traditional practices of promotion and position reallocation, new compensation tools will be designed to allow for discretionary, employer-initiated compensation adjustments based on employee-focused factors such as job-related professional development, incremental changes in assigned duties and responsibilities, internal alignment, and retention. While broadbanding will provide for employer-initiated, discretionary and employee-focused compensation adjustments, collective bargaining will continue to provide for en-masse negotiated pay adjustments, step movements and compensation applicable to all IT professionals.

While the Civil Service IT Broadbanding Pilot Project will be similar to the University of Hawai‘i’s Broad Band System for Administrative, Professional and Technical personnel, the Civil Service IT Pilot will reflect the negotiated Bargaining Unit 13 salary schedule and step movement plan and incorporate significant revisions identified in the review of the University’s System. The Civil Service IT Pilot is an experimental modernization project as provided for in Section 78-3.5, HRS, and premised on Chapter 76-13.5, HRS, that allows for multiple classification systems. DHRD collaborated with the staff of the HGEA in the development of this proposal.

The roll-out of the Pilot will be on a budget neutral basis.  The pilot project is effective on August 16, 2016.

Questions relating to the IT Broadbanding Pilot Project may be submitted to [email protected] and answers will be posted as an FAQ.






HGEA Questions and Answers June 24, 2016