ISLAND FLEX – Flexible Spending Accounts Plan

As the cost of living rises, we often find ourselves making critical health choices or putting off necessary health care because of the high expected costs not budgeted for in family finances. Dependent care is also a financial concern for many families where both parents, or especially single parents, need to work to support the household and must find suitable arrangements for dependent care, whether it be a babysitter, pre-school, or after-school program.

We understand that every penny counts. That is why the State offers the Island Flex Plan – an employee benefit program that provides employees with a way to pay for their eligible health care expenses and dependent care expenses with TAX FREE money. By directing “before tax” money from the employee’s paycheck into one or both of these accounts, they can put up to 41% of the money they are spending on eligible expenses back into their pocket. For many State employees, Island Flex is a great way to turn certain out-of-pocket medical, dental, drug, and vision expenses and dependent care expenses into tax savings and greater spendable income.

For more information, please visit the website of the plan’s third-party administrator, National Benefit Services at: