Merit Appeals Board

The Merit Appeals Board was established by Act 253, SLH 2000, as the exclusive authority to hear and decide appeals relating to: any civil service employee, not a member of a bargaining unit, who is suspended, discharged, or demoted; recruitment and examination for civil service positions; classification and reclassification of a civil service position, initial pricing of a new class; and other employment actions taken against civil service employees who are excluded from collective bargaining.
The Merit Appeals Board members:
Sean Sanada – Chairperson
Valerie Pacheco – Member
Nora Nomura – Member
Merit Appeals Board Forms, Instructions and Hawai‘i Administrative Rules:
Merit Appeals Board (MAB) Form
MAB Fact Sheet A – General Information

Download (PDF, 17KB)

MAB Fact Sheet B – Who May Appeal, What May be Appealed and Appeal Filing Deadlines

Download (PDF, 23KB)

MAB Fact Sheet C – Internal Complaint Process Procedures

Download (PDF, 146KB)

Department of Human Resources Development Internal Complaint Form

Download (PDF, 19KB)

MAB Administrative Rules – Title 14, Subtitle 2.1 Rules of Practice and Procedures State Merit Appeals Board, Chapter 21.1 – General Applicability Chapter 22.1 – Proceedings Before the Board Chapter 23.1 – Rules Applicable to Rulemaking Procedures Chapter 24.1 – Rules Applicable to Declatory Rulings Chapter 25.1 – Rules Applicable to Appeals

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