Important Information for Retirees Returning to Work


This posting is to provide general information about the State of Hawai‘i Employees’ Retirement System’s (ERS) Act 179, which took effect on January 1, 2011. The recent passage of Act 179, SLH 2010:

  • Protects ERS’ federal tax exempt status.
  • Clarifies conditions for reemployment of an ERS retirant without enrollment in the ERS or loss or interruption of retirant benefits.
  • Explains penalties for retirants and employers in violation of Act 179. 

For more information on Act 179 and how it may impact you, please contact the ERS. The Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) will be referring Act 179 inquiries to the ERS.  This link will take you to the ERS main web page.

Please click on the ERS Newsletter’s Holomua December 2010 Active Members” or “Retirees text link, then scroll through the newsletter to the article about Act 179.  The ERS office hours and telephone numbers for its offices (Oahu and neighbor island offices) are listed on Holomua’s last page.

Print or Download Flyer

This informational flyer “Returning to Work?” was prepared and issued by the Employees’ Retirement System. We recommend that you consult the Employees’ Retirement System’s website (see link above) for complete information. 

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