FAQs – Class/Comp

Posted on Dec 7, 2012 in Position Classification and Compensation

1          What is a position?

 A position is a specific job, whether occupied or vacant, consisting of all the current duties and responsibilities assigned or delegated by competent authority, requiring the full or part time employment of one person.  A position is identified by a specific position number.

 2.         What is a class?

 A class is a group of positions which have sufficiently similar duties and responsibilities such that the same title and the same pay range may apply to each position allocated to the class.  Office AssistantIIIis a class.

 3.         What is a series?

 A series consists of classes which are similar as to subject matter of work, but differ in level of difficulty, responsibility and qualifications required.  The classes Office Assistnat I, II,III, IV and V make up the Office Assistant series.