Workers’ Compensation and Safety

Workers’ Compensation:   Responsible for handling claims filed by Executive Branch employees (not including UH and DOE) and the legislature who suffer injuries/illnesses arising out of and in the course of their employment.  This includes authorizing benefits for payment of lost wages and medical expenses relating to the injury or illness.  It is also responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the State’s Return to Work Priority Program which seeks to find alternate employment for those who can no longer perform the work that they were hired to do.  It also oversees the State’s Temporary Disability Benefits Plan.

Temporary Disability Benefits Plan for Bargaining Unit Employees

Temporary Disability Benefits Plan for NON-Bargaining Unit Employees

Safety:  Assists departments in identifying hazardous working conditions and develops strategies to eliminate or mitigate the identified hazard.  Provides accident injury and illness profiles, so that they can analyze and identify accident trends, sources, and factors that contribute to occupational injuries and illnesses.  The Safety office provides statewide safety training programs, on all major islands, such as workplace violence, ergonomics, specific training programs to meet Hawai‘i Occupational Safety and Health (HIOSH) or bargaining unit safety training requirements, and to meet most department safety training requirements.  The office coordinates the random selection alcohol and drug testing requirements of the Commercial Driver License program to ensure compliance with federal mandates and bargaining unit contract agreements.  Administers the temporary hazard pay and accidental injury leave provisions.  Civil Defense response actions are coordinated for the department.

Safety Office Training Schedule