The Pre-Tax Transportation Benefit Pilot Program (“PTBP” or “Program”) is a tax savings benefit program that enables eligible Oahu employees of the State Executive Branch to purchase monthly bus passes for TheBus, fare coupons for TheHandi-Van and pay vRide (formerly known as Vanpool Hawaii) participation fees through payroll deductions taken prior to Federal, State and FICA taxes being computed. Find forms, participant ...
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The Premium Conversion Plan (PCP) provides an opportunity for most health plan participants to save some tax dollars and make the most of their paychecks.  How? By enrolling, the State will deduct the cost of your health plan premiums before payroll taxes are withheld.  If you are already enrolled, your enrollment will automatically continue.  If you want to ...
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Protect Yourself from Email Tax Scams

Posted on Mar 15, 2013 in Main, News

Click here to download the Newsletter in PDF format It’s tax season and criminals are seizing the opportunity for scams.  Don’t become the next victim. Scammers leverage every means at their disposal to separate you from your money, your identity, or anything else of value they can get.  They may offer seemingly legitimate “tax services” ...
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On Friday February 1, 2013 Governor Neil Abercromie welcomed the participants of the inaugural class of the Transformation Internship Program (TIP). Transformation Internship Program (TIP) is a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to gain training and experience in state government and assist in organization change management, business process re-engineering and/or information technology systems ...
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Classification and Compensation

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