Safety Office’s July to December 2021 Training Schedule

Posted on Jun 10, 2021 in Main, News

Aloha All,

DHRD Safety’ Workplace Violence Awareness Training course is now available On-Demand for Captivate Prime users of the State of Hawaii Executive Branch.  Also, enrollment of employees for the Drug and Alcohol Training programs is now available in Captivate Prime.  Below are the specifics.


This Workplace Violence Awareness Training course (WVP) is offered as an on-demand program and mandatory for all employees.  The online presentation in Captivate Prime is broken into four (4) parts.

  • Part 1:  Introduction/Overview – provides understanding of what is meant by “workplace violence”, the behaviors that constitute or could lead to workplace violence, what is the State’s Workplace Violence policy, and the importance of knowing their departmental workplace violence policy.  (Approximately 30-minutes)
  • Part 2: Recognition, Roles, and Responsibilities – discusses how to recognize workplace violence and the employee’s role and responsibility should they be a witness to workplace violence. (Approximately 30-minutes)
  • Part 3: Video on surviving an active shooter event (6-minutes)
  • Part 4: Prevention – provides tips on how to prevent workplace violence. (Approximately 30-minutes)

All parts must be completed before the course is registered as completed by the learner.  The course will appear on the learner dashboard under the “MY LEARNING” row, right under the masthead.  Please download the participant guide found under “Job Aid” prior to starting the Workplace Violence presentation. Employees who do not have access to Captivate Prime can access the training in Adobe Connect.


Departments can immediately enroll employees for Safety’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Program (“DAT”) training courses (i.e. DATU1, DATU1S, and CDAT) in Captivate Prime .  These courses, conducted via Microsoft TEAMS, can be found by typing “DAT” in Captivate Prime’s search engine. A brief description of Safety’s DAT training courses are as follows:

  • BU1 Non CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing Orientation Program (DATU1) – This program is required for BU1 Non CDL employees who have not attended previously.
  • BU1 Non CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing Program for Supervisors (DATU1S) – Supervisors of BU1 Non CDL employees must attend this four-hour program once every four years.
  • Combined Drug and Alcohol Testing Program (CDAT) – Supervisors of HGEA, CDL, and BU10 employees must attend the three-hour program once every five years.

Registered staff will be emailed the Microsoft TEAMS meeting link and handouts 5-7 working days prior the course date.  Please contact departmental human resource officers for enrollment instructions.

Should you have questions regarding Safety’s training courses, please contact Lily Chu of the Safety Office at 587-1060.

Download (PDF, 91KB)